Location of the Hopi Reservation

The Hopi Reservation is located in Northeast Arizona and is completely surrounded by the Navajo Reservation. The traditional Hopi Lands were originally much larger and extended into Canyon DeChelly, which is now on Navajo land. There are 5 main areas on the Hopi Reservation, They are, (from East to West), Keams Canyon area, First Mesa, Second Mesa, Third Mesa, and the Moenkopi area. The Map below is not correct in as much as Moenkopi is on Hopi Land. Moenkopi is just a mile south of of Tuba City, which is now part of the Navajo Reservation, but used to be part of the Hopi Lands. Tuba City was named after Chief Tuvi, who was a Hopi Chief not a Navajo Chief.

All three Mesas are quite old but the oldest of the villages which is still inhabited is Oraibi on 3rd Mesa, right after Oraibi is Walipi on 1st Mesa. Walipi sits on the precipice of the cliff and is quite impressive. Only a few families still live there, but during certain ceremonies and dances many of the families come back to their traditional homes to stay for a few days. Both Oraibi iand Walipi are traditional villages, which means they have no outside electricity, no running water, no sewer, no piped in natural gas. Walipi is actually a bit more primitive than Oraibi as Oraibi does allow solar panels & some generators.

At the foot of 1st Mesa is the village of Polacca, which has all of the modern convienences. Keams Canyon has a gas station, restaurant, small grocery store and an Arts & Crafts Gallery. Second Mesa is home to the Hopi Cultural Center which has a nice restaurant and a modern motel. There is also a gift and craft store but no gasoline available. Third Mesa has a grocery store and and gas station located at Hotevilla. For a larger Super Market type store the Hopis have to travel to Tuba City or to Flagstaff. Although there has been a lot of talk about bringing in a Super Market, there is as yet no such convienence on the Hopi Reservation.

Hopi Map
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